Newsletter #12 – 11th December 2013


FLOW – the new license at G+J Germany – offers its readers coverage of psychology, philosophy and the latest
trends that stimulates their hearts and minds without being preachy or heavy-handed. With its wide selection of DIY ideas, FLOW celebrates the creative spirit of arts and crafts. An amazing array of different sorts of paper and fonts, its
clean layout and its many illustrations make reading FLOW an experience like no other. What’s more, FLOW offers paper goodies in every issue, such as notebooks, wrapping paper, stickers and much more. FLOW targets creative, confident women
of all ages who love paper products, arts and crafts and the little details that make a big difference. The magazine’s website ( will feature links to social networking sites such
as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as a link to the FLOW Shop, where users can buy gorgeous paper products.



With its glossy SPECIAL EDITION AMS celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Porsche 911. 50 years ago
it was a historical moment for the AMS Editorial Team as they were the first to test the PORSCHE 901, as the Pre-Series Model of legendary PORSCHE 911. This historical test is included in the AMS SPECIAL EDITION "50 Jahre Porsche 911"
as well. Furthermore 911-enthsusiasts find the complete history of the 911 with outstanding images including a selection from the legendary Julius Weitmann archive. The AMS SPECIAL EDITION is now available for Licensing. Contact: Daniel Gesse
( Tel.: +49 40 3703 6332



Hi, my name is Aleksandar. Since the beginning of 2011, I am working for G+J International Brands
and Licenses as a Web developer. My main responsibilities include constant development and maintainance of International Parenting websites and International versions of GEO magazine websites. Before joining G+J and moving to Germany, I’ve
graduated at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics and during the studies worked as a freelance web developer. In my free time, I enjoy having a good time with my wife and friends, traveling and meeting new people and of course,
let’s not forget my favorite hobby – photography.


Newsletter #11 – 5th November 2013


G + J has launched a new content syndication webshop, which enables publishers worldwide to gain access to premium and high quality content – one of the main keys to guarantee the success of publishing groups. It focuses on lifestyle topics
from latest French fashion, beauty, food, travel and nature. In times of editorial synergies and cost cutting, publishing houses all over the world are welcome to profit from this editorial archive of contents and to select their specific
content packages for attractive fees. Exclusive picture material from more than 400 contracted photographers can be made available – either as ready-to-use pages taken from the respective magazines but also as single images. Go to and get started. Please note that prices are visible for registered customers only.



10 years ago a very unique experiment in German magazine landscape started:
NEON, the young line extension of STERN magazine for young adults – unified by the claim “actually we should be growing up”. A young, urban, educated and open-minded target group who wants to retain the light heartedness in their lives, nevertheless
recognizing the necessity to take control about their lives. NEON reports on society and politics, on fashion trends, relationships, career, travel and pop culture, with a high standard of journalism being entertaining as well as informative.
After its launch in 2003 NEON quickly became a huge success in Germany and still today NEON is the one and only general interest title targeting women and men between 20 and 35 as unisex concept with a monthly circulation of 239,000 copies.
Besides the print edition NEON launched the very successful “Useless Knowledge” app, as well as the NEON magazine app providing additional interactive elements. Due to the great success in Germany the very innovative NEON concept was launched
in France as well in April 2012 with G+J’s French subsidiary Prisma Media and furthermore NEON is available for licensing with external publishing partners.



Hi everyone, I am Ekaterina. After graduating from Design Factory in Hamburg I started
working for G+J International Brands and Licenses as Content Manager in January 2013. During my studies I have gathered experience in communication design, photography and advertising. It was essential for me to be able to use these skills
in my job, creating our promotion material, preparing exhibitions and working on the Apps. It is amazing to work internationally and to communicate with people all over the world. Furthermore there is always the opportunity to learn something
new and – at the same time – to concentrate all my skills, experience and creativity in designing. In my free time I enjoy drawing, reading books and spending time with my family, especially with my four-year-old daughter Eileen. I am looking
forward to getting to know you in the future!


Newsletter #10 – 2nd October 2013


During the 65th International Motor Show 2013 in Frankfurt/Main B2B visitors had the chance to
meet at the auto motor und sport lounge to interchange about the latest trends and movements on the automotive industry in a relaxing atmosphere. The AMS lounge deals as a meeting platform for automotive experts and relevant people of the
car manufacturers industry connected by the motto of this years’ event – Power. Passion. Dynamic. Emotion. Exclusivity. The AMS lounge is one of the most important international event platforms of auto motor und sport brand, being published
in 19 countries internationally through Motor Presse Stuttgart subsidiaries and under license agreements with external publishing partners.



Following the previous successful launches in six countries altogether, SENSA the magazine for
a balanced sense of life, will be issued in Estonia as from October by AdriaMedia, in a license cooperation with Äripäev, a subsidiary of the Scandinavian Bonnier Group. The license was finalized by the G+J International Brands and Licenses
division, which oversees the licensing of SENSA as client brand of the Adria Media joint venture in Croatia. SENSA’s magazine concept is devoted to harmonizing body and soul via a holistic approach and covers topics like psychology, health,
alternative medicine as well as beauty and fashion. The magazine kicked off with a print run of 20.000 issues for a copy price of 4.50 Euros and has been available since September 28th. The start of SENSA in Estonia is accompanied by an extensive
launch campaign in print, TV and online. (Making of SENSA TV Spot)

More info about SENSA



My name is Daniela and I have recently joined G+J International Brands as Senior International
Sales Manager. Having had experience in the advertising sales industry with previous roles at Condé Nast and Axel Springer I started working for G+J Media Sales as Advertising Manager in 2008. In 2011 I left the Hamburg headquarters to support
G+J’s London sales office as International Sales Manager. After 2 inspiring and exciting years in London I have joined G+J International Brands and Licenses back in July. I love working internationally for G+J’s fantastic brands and also to
be back in Hamburg – the most beautiful city in the world! I am looking forward to working with you and hope to meet you in person sometime in the near future!


Newsletter #9 – 18th September 2013


From September 23rd to 25th the IBL team will represent G+J at the 39th FIPP World Magazine Congress in Rome – the
largest and most high profile magazine media event in the world. This time Daniela Zimmer (Head of International Brands & Licenses), Daniel Gesse (Deputy Head of International Brands & Licenses) and Daniela Krebs (Senior International Sales
Manager) will meet consumer magazine publishers and other stakeholders as potential licensees from across the globe to present G+J’s broad portfolio of print and digital media such as GEO, Gala, BEEF! and Auto, Motor and Sport. The IBL team
is looking forward meeting you in person at booth 14+16!


Newsletter #8 – 21th November 2012

Syndication of premium GALA France lifestyle productions

GALA GALA magazine invites its readers to dream: Imagine yourself in a silky and
luminous evening dress drinking a glass of champagne at a cocktail party. Be visually inspired to become a trendy cosmopolitan wearing a tailor-made suit. GALA delights its readers with luxurious fashion images, set in scene by a former VOGUE
fashion director and photographed by internationally renowned photographers – always with a sense of glamour and elegance. GALA’s fashion and Lifestyle world is part of our syndication offer. You can easily select your particular fashion or
beauty material in our database and request it as single files but also as a package deal. This way you can add the pages to your existing publications and enrich your magazines with premium fashion or lifestyle content. If you are interested,
we are happy to provide you with your personal test access to our content database. Or please simply contact us for further details: Ms. Anja Krebs



QUEST Is love fortune? Is our universe a part of a black hole? Is the human being free intaking
its decisions? Quest gives the answers and shows the entertaining world of Knowledge. Quest entertains readers by giving surprising and accessible answers to the big questions of today and the future providing orientation in an increasingly
complex world. The first issue was launched in Germany in 1978 under the P.M. brand name. In the meantime, the concept is published in 14 countries internationally under various brand names. With the launch of Quest Braintainment in South
Africa last year the first step into an English speaking country was taken. Quest concentrated on brand digitalization strategy as well. Today you can find variety of apps for Apple or Android based devices. Quest readers are unified by the
passion of being surprised by unexpected findings. They want to experience and share their knowledge with their environment. If you want to find out more about Quest magazine, online and mobile just get in contact with Mr. Lasse Martinsen


NEON France to be published monthly

NEON Magazine

6/11/2013 Due to the great success – with the print edition as well as with online – Prisma Media will be publishing the French NEON monthly, starting with the August edition, available from July 10th. NEON has been on the
market in France since March 2012. The magazine, which is aimed at 25- to 35-year-olds was already honoured at the annual industry award of the French magazine association as “Innovation of the Year 2012”. NEON’s success pervades all areas:
The magazine sold an average of 50,000 copies per issue and has now attracted 7,000 subscribers. Similarly, the development of the advertising market, the online-department and on the social media platforms is very positive.
With around 28,000 Facebook fans, the strategy to build a large community around the magazine to thus increase the awareness of the NEON brand has worked.


Newsletter #7 – 25th October 2012


FippSouth and Central America is an emerging market for magazine publishers the
world over, promising fast growth and partnerships with many regional media groups. But for a budding market of which we do not know well, establishing a local presence will be like entering uncharted waters. Hence conferences organized for
magazine media publishers provide a window on the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in this market. One such window is the 4th FIPP Ibero-American Magazine Media Conference, due to be held 30-31 October in San José, Costa Rica. This
event, with the largest gathering of senior magazine publishing executives from Central and South America, the Iberian Peninsula and elsewhere in the world, will enable them to network, exchange knowledge, identify potential and risks of doing
business in the region. We at G+J are pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming conference. We hope to meet you there! If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please contact Mrs. Natasha Kersting


Launch of parenting website in India

Parents IndiaWe
are pleased to announce the launch of the International Parenting Network in India in cooperation with its subsidiary MaXposure. This online-first-project combines top-class editorial content with interactive tools for parents as well as social
community features. From an editorial point of view, the international network members use some content from that is translated and adapted for the international markets. A small local on-site team is responsible for locally created
articles as well as traffic management and ad marketing. is part of the Gruner + Jahr parenting network which currently comprises ten family
websites in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and from now on India as well. To launch your country edition please contact our brand manager Mr. Lasse Martinsen


Newsletter #6 – 10th October 2012

GEO TV episodes of arte channel – ready for international rollout

GEO TV Over many years, Berlin-based producer Medienkontor has shot the 360° GEO Report, GEO TV’s flagship, award-winning TV series, for which ARTE DISTRIBUTION has all TV, VOD and DVD rights to be distributed worldwide. The series includes more
than 300 films, all in HD over 100 countries and they have been broadcast by more than 40 TV channels worldwide! It is one of the most enterprising TV productions. Whether they depict deep-sea divers in the Bermuda triangle, game keepers in
the far-flung reaches of the Siberian forest or women peasants in the Peruvian Andes who have created their own football club, the films in the "360° GEO Report" series provide us with fascinating insights into the extraordinary
lives and work of exceptional men and women. Our teams travel the planet exploring nature, technology and remote civilisations, and portray what they discover there through meticulously documented, emotion-packed reports. Our colleagues at
arte would be happy to discuss possible cooperations for broadcasting GEO reportages in your country. GEO is more than a great magazine – find out more about G+Js strongest international brand on our website:


Newsletter #5 – 27th September 2012

BEEF! – For men with taste

BEEF! - For men with taste Men enjoy cooking – but they cook different. They enjoy to celebrate cooking and to spend an evening with their friends during a memorable four-course dinner. So far those men missed a magazine for their hobby – gladly it has arrived right
now with BEEF! Because men don’t want it easy, they want it tough. They want a magazine that goes into detail, and offers more than 25 pasta recipes for kids. Because pasta is boring unless you’ve made it yourself. Because cooking is a handcraft
men enjoy. Because men’s cooking is nothing for youngsters. Because men don’t cook 25 times a month – but when they do, they go all out. And to do that, men need to know more about the pressure in an espresso machine, the sharpness of Japanese
knives and what’s happening at Tokyo’s tuna auction. Launched in 2009 in Germany BEEF! quickly became a huge success in Germany. Now BEEF! is available for Licensing.


GEO – Now with the full range of topics available for smartphones and tablets

GEO App After being one of the first magazines being available on the iPad shortly
after its launch in 2010 with the GEO Selection App (German, English and Spanish language edition), International Brands and Licenses now undertakes a further step by bringing out the full GEO magazine English language edition as an E-Magazine
for smart phones and tablets on iTunes and google play to be launched soon for all Android based devices. On iTunes users have the possibility to download a sample edition free of charge to get a first impression about the new GEO E-Magazine.
The price for the regular E-Magazine edition is 5,99 USD. The new GEO E-Magazine platform provides a solid basis for further roll outs of further GEO language editions for the upcoming months.

Download now


Digital Magazine Publishing Conference in South Korea

FIPP 2012 On behalf of Gruner + Jahr Daniela Zimmer took an active role as one of
the 20 speakers in the 3rd FIPP Asia Pacific Digital Magazine Media Conference which was held in South Korea from September 19th to 21st. Daniela provided insights into how G+J has successfully developed multi-platform brands and how G+J lets
their licensees profit from these efforts. Over 400 people from 39 countries participated, sharing insights and discussing experiences of managing the challenges and opportunities of digital publishing. Everyone agreed that publishers must
understand and use IT technology to adapt to the digital-oriented environment. As challenges bear the opportunity for positive changes, our licensing team is getting ready to set the goals for the future. We will keep you up to date on our
constantly evolving progress!


Newsletter #4 – 30th August 2012

SENSA – The magazine for happier life

SENSA - The magazine for happier life SENSA’s vision
is to enrich the reader’s life with inspiring articles about well-being, harmony, beauty and energy and to harmonize body and soul. With lasting texts and touching picture galleries SENSA gives ideas on how to concentrate on the good things
in life and enjoy them. SENSA was developed in 2007 in our Adria Media Joint Venture. It was successfully rolled-out in Croatia first followed by launches in Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine and Germany. The awakening interest in Yoga, a
balanced diet, natural cosmetics and spirituality shows that SENSA perfectly reacts to a current trend of modern women to find alternative ways to balance body and soul. By meeting this need SENSA absolutely differs from other classical women


GEO Finland Online Photo Competition 2012

GEO Finland Online Photo Competition 2012 GEO
Finland’s Photo Competition 2012 is organized under the umbrella of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. It is carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Museum of Natural History and camera manufacturer Olympus. The competition was launched
in May 2012 in GEO print issue 5-6/12 and on the website and was as well promoted on the Facebook site. The winning photo will be chosen by a jury at the end of September. As a result of this marketing activity 1,070 pictures have been uploaded
by now and a rise of average number of unique visitors on the website 1,200 > 5,000/week. We are very happy about this initiative to improve the brand awareness and brand engagement and wish our GEO Finland partner and all the participants
and the organizers a successful competition!


Get to know Daniela – Head of IBL

Daniela Zimmer Daniela Zimmer has in-depth experience and understanding in the field
of international licensing management and partnerships. She spent six years working at arvato calendar solutions (Bertelsmann AG), where she ultimately held a management position and was responsible for several activities, including the company’s
publishing portfolio and retail solutions line of products. Daniela loves outdoor sports, music, travelling and meeting new people.


Newsletter #3 – 2nd August 2012


Focus Wild Magazine With the Focus Wild family Gruner + Jahr now provides a magazine concept
that exactly meets children’s fascination for animals. The thematic variety ranges from the most curious cats to the most surprising dogs, from the king of the Savanna to the brave inhabitants of the poles. Children all over the world love
cute pets and wild animals which is why you as a publisher should now become part of the worldwide Focus Wild family by a One-Shot-Deal. Take advantage of a lovingly desgined brand with high international potential.

Content – Explore the world of wild animals get useful tips for your own pet! The colorful magazine for boys and girls aged from 10 to 14 consists of two sections. The World-Section takes the reader away to explore how animals live
in other parts of our world. Amazing pictures are playing the articles to the gallery in a nearly photo-realistically way, fascinating articles about pets and wild animals and Interviews with experts and vips regarding their relationships
with pets and other animals. Focus Wild also recommends places to go to like wildlife parks, natural reserves or the best spots for trekking. The How-to-Section gives helpful guidance how to live the friendship with a pet. It includes reports
on particular aspects of animal life and creative ideas for your pet, for example how to build a dog’s bed or how to prepare the right food.

Business model – Focus Wild as a ready-to-lauch concept G+J provides publishers with a ready-to-launch concept, which ensures a cost-efficient market entry. Texts and picture rights are included. There can be a One-Shot-Deal to bundle
Focus Wild with your established popular science magazine. After a successful One-Shot, there is the opportunity to publish Focus Wild regularly as a stand alone monthly magazine. Besides, publishers receive continuous editorial and publishing
knowledge transfer and workshops. Marketing assistance will help you with your launch campaign and promotional material and provide you with international best practice examples. Are you interested in more information about Focus Wild? Contact
Natasha Dewi Kersting / Lasse Martinsen.



MOTORRAD Magazine With the recently launched Danish edition MOTORRAD is now available in
16 countries internationally being Europe’s largest motorcycling magazine. Motor Presse Stuttgart has granted the next Scandinavian license to its cooperation partner Motorrad Sverige AB. MOTORRAD Denmark is the third Scandinavian edition
after the successful launch of MOTORRAD in Sweden and Finland (under license with Motorrad Sverige AB as well). The copy price of MOTORRAD Denmark is DKK 79,- (ca. 10.6 €) and in addition to the print magazine there is a presence on and in relevant social media networks.


Newsletter #2 – 26th June 2012

GALA joins elite club

GALA GALA Poland has been chosen for the award Superbrands 2012 as one of the strongest brands in the Polish market. The people magazine
was the only magazine to receive the honour at the sixth Superbrands-Awards. GALA Editor-in-Chief Isabela Bartosz accepted the award on the 25th of May at the Warszaw Sheraton Hotel. Superbrands is an international organisation that rewards
brands which have been able to build the strongest position in a market. For the last 16 years the accolade has been awarded in more than 80 countries worldwide. This year´s winners have been crowned by a jury of 39 leading Polish experts
in the fields of branding, marketing and advertising. Among the criteria were the brands´ clarity and visibility, the uniqueness of its benefits, its sustainable development and the actively built relationship with its customers. GALA has
successfully established weekly as well as monthly editions within Europe, Russia and the Middle East and is still expanding and looking for new licensees worldwide. A premium readership, latest trends in fashion/beauty & lifestyle, high class
picture productions, the generous & glossy format as well as the positive coverage of celebrity makes GALA the perfect stage for prestige ad clients. Therefore, GALA is a well known brand at the headquarters of European luxury brands, among
them e.g. Louis Vuitton, Dior, Cartier, Bulgari, Hermes, Prada, Boss, VW, L’ Oréal, Beiersdorf. We would we pleased to provide you with our GALA Brand Package as well as our German and international GALA magazine copies. The international
brands and licensing team is looking forward to receiving your inquiry. For further information please feel free to contact Natasha Dewi Kersting by email or phone +49 40
3703 – 4186 and she will be happy to provide any information and assistance you need.



International Brands and Licenses at FIPP Again our IBL has been represented at the WMM 2012 in
London from May 29th to 30th. This time the fair was held in London and Daniela Zimmer (Head of International Brands & Licenses), Lasse Martinsen (Project Manager International Parenting Network) and Natasha Dewi Kersting (Marketing Manager)
stood ready to meet with potential Licensees and others interested in our broad portfolio of print and online media. We are pleased with following up on all the information we gathered. It was great meeting those of you who were there and
we hope to meet you and everybody else at the next FIPP event in Seoul from September 19th to 21st, 2012 and at next year’s World Magazine Congress which will take place in Italy from September 23rd until 25th, 2013.


A partner’s tale – GEO exhibition in Moscow

GEO Exhibition From May 12th until June 12th 2012 our GEO Exhibition "Diversity of Planet Earth" was shown under the motto
"GEOgraphy of Travel" in GUM, Moscows biggest most exclusive and renowned shopping center at the Red Square. As a result of a cooperation between Axel Springer Russia and the GUM shopping center, the exhibition was greated with enthusiasm.
79 selected photographies of award-winning international photographers "Diversity of Planet Earth" showed the total array of topics of the GEO magazine. Fascinating pictures of landscapes, human living, animals and science & technology
taken at the right moment and in impressive scenery illustrate the diversity of our planet earth and a consequently further development of the magazine‘s concept with its outstanding visual appearance. We are very pleased that combined commitment
and excellent cooperation of our Russian partners and Martin Meister, Editor-in-Chief of GEO International, resulted in this successful exhibition along with its positive impact on our GEO brand.


Newsletter #1 – 14th May 2012

G+J’s Parenting Network: Online first – Print follows

G+J Parenting Network Everybody in the publishing industry talks about online-first: Licensing the International Parenting Network
is Gruner+Jahr’s answer. The International Parenting Network is a successful brand-family being rolled out across ten countries. The websites inspire parents to a happier life by offering practical, educational and emotional advice throughout
all aspects of family life. Launching a state of the art-website with reliable editorial content, an active social network and the opportunity of an ecommerce channel has never been easier. The website license suits the needs of various partners.
Do you publish women magazines and need support to enter the digital world to appeal to your target group? Are you a cross-media publishing house with print and online activities but lack expertise to publish in the women and family segment?
Or are you an ecommerce provider trying to increase your visibility to get more traffic? All those partners profit from being part of the Parenting Network. These days publishing houses are looking for new ways to enter a segment. Risk and
investment should be low, profitability should be reached in a short run. „A local team consisting of a journalist and a project manager as well as the current ad sales team are sufficient to launch a local version of the International Parenting
Network“, explains Lasse Martinsen, who is the network’s project manager, „We take care of everything else“. Partners receive a starter package including internationally suitable content and interactive features. Once the local website has
been launched, they are provided with regular content updates. To add relevant local content, each website should also publish its own content. Further technological development, maintenance and hosting are provided centrally by Gruner+Jahr.
It has never been so easy to enter the online market or the parenting segment – or even both! Do you want to learn more about the Parenting Network? Lasse Martinsen will be happy to hear from you.


Meet G+J IBLU at Fipp’s worldwide media marketplace in London

IBL at FIPP Are you looking for an international brand to add to your magazine portfolio? Are you interested in content syndication or
exploring website licensing? At the worldwide media marketplace, you have the chance to talk to the G+J International Brands and Licensing Unit in a face-to-face meeting. The Fipp event is on 29-30 May in London. We look forward to giving
you insights into our unique media brands and discussing with you the benefits of a cooperation. Learn more about the strong car testing competence of AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT or the fashion and beauty world of GALA. Get to know our online-first
only roll-out – the Parenting Network. Get in touch with GEO’s vivid reports and its breathtaking photos. Or learn more about the holistic psychology magazine Sensa.

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